Investigations • Litigation Support

Marc A. Garza

Agency Owner - Principal Investigator

CA. P.I. License #28059

Background and Professional Experience:

Marc A. Garza is a licensed private investigator and agency owner of  GRI Investigations. He is a retired police sergeant with over 25 years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, and consulting. He focuses on complex due diligence investigations, civil litigation and family law investigations for law firms and their private clients. He has assisted legal counsel with investigations in numerous civil litigation matters at the state and federal levels. Additionally, he has conducted investigations for felony level criminal defense cases dealing with sexual assaults, homicide, gangs, and crimes of violence. During his over 20 years in law enforcement, he held assignments in patrol, field training ("FTO"), firearms training, SWAT, investigations and police supervision. His agency is fully insured and licensed by the State of California. His main goal is to take a collaborative approach to investigations by building long term client and business relationships within the legal and corporate sectors. 

Marisol Flores

Investigations Manager

Background and Professional Experience:

Ms. Flores serves as the Investigations Manager at GRI Investigations and has extensive experience in case management within the private sector.  She is responsible for case intake, investigation planning, management, and client collaboration.  In her role, she manages our investigative team, examines investigative files for quality control, ensures that evidence is gathered and stored properly; and that appropriate after-investigative action is taken. Additionally, she assists our investigative team with managing information from databases and research for field use. Ms. Flores' attention to detail and experience in managing complex projects and investigative cases, enables our agency to maintain our high-standards and effective turnaround times for our clients. Ms. Flores holds a Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

John S. Munoz

Lead Investigator 

CA. P.I. License #189232

Background and Professional Experience:

John S. Munoz is a licensed private investigator and handles field operations for GRI. John has extensive experience in surveillance and field investigations. He specializes in complex investigations for civil litigation, family law and missing persons cases. As a field investigator, he utilizes advanced investigative techniques and equipment when conducting surveillance and covert operations for the purpose of locating actionable evidence for our clients. Additionally, John has assisted numerous families in locating and reuniting loved ones in missing person's cases. He is licensed in the State of California, under P.I. license #189232 and the County of San Diego under RPS #3456. He is also a proud member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (“CALI”).