Private Investigators • TSCM Services

"Helping our clients with professional, discreet, and actionable investigative services."

GRI INVESTIGATIONS  is a leading provider of investigative services for law firms, corporate legal counsel and private clients. Our agency specializes in conducting Civil Litigation Investigations, Family Law Investigations and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ("TSCM") services. Consequently, our typical client is someone that requires evidence to support a position and/or argument in their lawsuit or domestic matter. To that end, our investigators utilize legal and ethical investigative techniques to gather evidence that stands up to scrutiny in adversarial legal environments. 

Our main goal is completing results-oriented and transparent investigations. Each investigation that we take on is designed specifically for each client based on their goals and investigative objectives. After a thorough needs analysis is completed, we submit a case proposal which outlines our fees and costs to complete the investigation. In some cases, we make a recommendation not to proceed with an investigation, because of potential legal issues or low result probabilities. 

As always, we recommend that you contact a qualified attorney to obtain legal advice on the specific evidence or information that would benefit your legal case before you seek the services of a private investigator.