Licensed Professional Investigations - CA. PI License #28059                         


Investigations • Research • Corporate Intelligence Services

GRI INVESTIGATIONS (GRI) is a California licensed private investigations agency specializing in legal and corporate intelligence services. We are a leading provider of investigative and research services for law firms, corporations and insurance companies. Our main goal and objective is to conduct unbiased and impartial investigations by utilizing fact-finding methods that assist our clients in making proper legal and business decisions. We have a team of qualified investigators with an expertise in locating actionable evidence and information for our clients in a discreet and confidential manner. Our research and field capabilities, provide evidence of the highest standard for use in sensitive legal proceedings or corporate matters. Our investigators have extensive training and experience in a variety of investigative areas, which enables us to complete concise and comprehensive investigations. Part of this process includes educating our clients about investigative protocols and discussing potential obstacles in obtaining a proper evidence-based investigation.

Please note that we don't take on all investigative requests unless we feel we can deliver a precise work product. Call (888) 519-0555 to speak with a licensed investigator, to discuss your case goals and objectives. All calls are considered confidential communications.


  • Civil Litigation Investigations
  • Personal Injury/Tort Investigations
  • Family Law Investigations/Matters
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Corporate/Internal Investigations
  • Corporate Threat Assessments


  • Due-Dilligence Investigations
  • Witness Locates/Statements
  • Background Profiles
  • Scene Investigations
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Evasive Service of Process

Member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators

Member of the Professional Investigators of California