INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES "Focused, Credible and Actionable Investigations".

We provide clients with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to make confident decisions. Our investigators and industry experts draw on deep experience, advanced technology, and proprietary investigative techniques to gather evidence that stands up to scrutiny in legal and corporate adversarial environments.


Our main goal is completing results-oriented and transparent investigations. Each investigation that we take on is designed specifically for each client based on their goals and investigative objectives. After a thorough needs analysis is completed, we submit a case proposal which outlines our fees and costs to complete the investigation. In some cases, we make a recommendation not to proceed with an investigation, because of potential legal issues or low result probabilities. 

As always, we recommend that you contact a qualified attorney to obtain legal advice on the specific evidence or information that would benefit your legal case before you seek the services of a private investigator. 


Surveillance is the most useful investigative method in obtaining evidence and information for our clients.  Video and/or photographic evidence obtained during a surveillance operation is useful to document a pattern of conduct of individuals or document situations. Our licensed investigators have extensive experience in all areas of surveillance operations, including the use of advanced covert equipment. Some situations where surveillance may be useful:

  • Child Welfare/Custody/Visitation Investigations
  • Evidence for Spousal Support Modifications
  • Business/Corporate Fraud Investigations
  • Divorces and Family Law Matters
  • Evasive Service of Process
  • Threat Assessments


Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships such as divorce (called "dissolution" in California), child custody and visitation, legal separations, annulments; and other matters not related to divorce. The Superior Court of California maintains jurisdiction over theses legal cases. Litigants and attorneys sometimes require a professional licensed investigator to obtain evidence to solidify their legal strategies. 

  • Cohabitation Investigations per CA. Family Code 4323 (a) (1)
  • Evidence for Spousal Support Modifications
  • Child Custody/Visitation Investigations
  • Asset & Employment Searches
  • Background/Criminal Checks
  • "Skiptrace" - Person Locates
  • Surveillance Operations
  • TRO Service of Process


We conduct civil litigation investigations for law firms, corporate counsel, and insurance companies. We help law firms solve problems and protect their client's interests. We are experts in obtaining actionable information and evidence for legal cases during all phases of the litigation process.

  • Background/Due-Diligence Investigations (Plaintiff/Defendant/Witness)
  • Personal Injury/Tort Claims and Investigations
  • Open-Source/"Deep-Dive" Investigations
  • Premises Liability Investigations
  • Witness Locates and Interviews
  • "Skiptrace" - Person Locates
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Scene Investigations


Our agency assists corporate entities with business intelligence and investigation services. We provide clients with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to make confident decisions through fact-finding and critical analysis.  

  • Background/Due-Diligence Investigations (Executive/Vendors/Investors)
  • Criminal and Internal Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Non-Compete Investigations
  • Cyber-Crime Investigations
  • Security Risk Management
  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Surveillance Operations


Every day thousands of law suits are filed in courts throughout the United States. The law requires that a defendant or respondent in a lawsuit be offically notified or "served" with legal notices or summons advising the party that they are involved in a law suit or legal matter. This part in a lawsuit is called service of process . We specialize is locating hard to find individuals that don't want to be served.  All serves documented with Body Worn Cameras (BWC).

Our highly trained and experienced process servers  can assist with the following services:

  • Service of Family Law, Divorce, and Small Claims Court Documents
  • "Skip-Tracing" and Person Locate Investigations
  • Service of Emergency Protective Orders  (EPO)
  • Service of Restraining Orders (RP/TRO)
  • Evasive & Difficult Service of Process
  • "Stakeouts" / Surveillance