INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES "Focused, Credible and Actionable Investigations".


In California, there are thousands of lawsuits that are filed every year. At times, attorneys or their clients require the professional services of a licensed investigator to obtain evidence or information for their legal cases. Our highly experienced investigators can locate actionable evidence that can with stand the scrutiny within our adversarial legal system. 

  • Evidence for Personal Injury/Premises Liability Claims
  • Accident Scene Review/Investigations/Photography
  • Witness Interviews/Statements
  • Witness Searches/Person Locates
  • Evasive Service of Process
  • Surveillance Investigations


Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships such as divorce (called "dissolution" in California), child custody and visitation, legal separations, annulments; and other matters not related to divorce. The Superior Court of California maintains jurisdiction over theses legal cases. Litigants and attorneys sometimes require a professional licensed investigator to obtain actionable evidence to solidify their legal strategies and divorce cases.

  • Surveillance Operations for Family Law and Divorce Matters
  • Cohabitation Investigations per CA. Family Code 4323 (a) (1)
  • Evidence for Spousal Support Modifications
  • Child Custody/Visitation Investigations
  • Child Welfare Neglect Investigations
  • Asset & Employment Searches
  • Background/Criminal Checks
  • "Skiptrace" - Person Locates
  • Surveillance Operations
  • TRO Service of Process


We assist corporate and business entities with business intelligence and investigation services. We provide our clients with the professional consulting expertise required when facing litigation in our adversarial legal system or the information necessary to make critical business decisions. Some areas where we can conduct investigations are:

  • Due-Diligence Investigations for new vendors or employees
  • Loss or theft of proprietary information (IP)
  • Internal Employee Theft and Fraud
  • Employee Embezzlement
  • Harrassment Allegations
  • Cargo/Shipping Theft
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Threat Assessments